About VideoDemos

We’re a team of motion graphics and video editors based in Alpine, Utah, but to save you money on your projects, we have team members from Europe and South America. Together, we enjoy putting together clear and compelling video demos and professional commercial video. We’re all in this together, and when we create a video demo that helps you grow your business, that’s good for OUR business!

About VideoDemos

VideoDemos was created by the team at EditSmart to provide a video editing solution for entrepreneurs, small business, large businesses, and anything in between. Starting in 1993, we began with specializing in photo restoration services to the retail photo industry. In 2001 we went head on into photo retouching services, continuing to provide this great service for many professionals. 2013 is when we opened up to video editing which has allowed us to serve even more individuals and companies.

VideoDemos is designed to help businesses succeed through using video. Videos are used more and more for marketing purposes and with good reason – they grab our attention! It’s a lot easier to sell a product when you can provide a video demonstration and show your audience, not just tell them. Preparing videos for online use just adds one more thing to your to-do list, but with VideoDemos, we give you back your TIME. Whether you’re needing to show off your product or service to client, create a “how to” video, or explain your business model, VideoDemos will help you achieve your goals.

We all make choices on where to spend our time. Spend YOUR TIME where it has the most value. Let us do the grunt work of video editing for you, and let YOUR TIME bring you the most value possible.

VideoDemos saves you time by doing high quality video editing at a low cost. Here’s how:

  • Our editors are located in Lima, Peru. It’s a family thing. Our owner’s family is multi-cultural. VideoDemos is a family business on this side AND the Peruvian side of the business. The owner’s brother and sister in law manage our large team of talented editors. As the company grew, we hired mostly family, friends of family and family of the friends of the family. The editors receive above average pay for their work, take pride in working with computers and digital editing, yet at the same time, there’s a cost savings because of the difference in economies.
  • Our editors aren’t seasonal. They do video editing full time, meaning that year after year, their skill improves. You don’t have to train someone new every year!
  • We guarantee our work. We are quick, accurate, and we listen attentively to your feedback. If you don’t like the work, you don’t pay. We have a 100% Guarantee on our work.

Why don’t you give us a call or send an email to see if we’re the kind of people you could do business with. We know that VideoDemos will save your company time and money.